Individuals Ordering ETG Urine Alcohol Test


Why Order an ETG Alcohol Test?

  • Detects presence of alcohol in urine up to 80 hours.
  • Is an effective test for alcohol treatment programs to determine if an individual is abstaining from consuming alcohol.
  • The ETG Alcohol test can be ran in conjunction with other drug testing panels using urine specimen.
  • Results come back within 1 to 3 days.
  • Commonly requested test by different court systems nationwide.

What does ETG Stand For?

ETG stands for Ethyl Glucoronide which is a metabolite in ethanol that is detected in urine from individuals that consume alcoholic beverages.

Why POM Drug Testing Services to order ETG Alcohol Test?

  • We contract with national laboratories to perform this test and as a result this test is accurate and reliable.
  • Competitive Pricing. If you only need to order one the cost is $75.00. If you order at least 5 ETG tests in bulk the cost will drop to $65.00 per test.
  • Results are delivered via email or fax.

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